IS 326 - Linyo & Axelo live

Published on Oct 9, 2017 Input Selector

Roland SH-101 on bass and high melody on some tracks. Roland TR-707 on drums. Akai MPC-2000XL for the rest.

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  • Alright so I'm using sony acid pro 7 for my recordings and I have a big problem. I create drums tracks using acustica beatcraft or Idrum to create raw drums tracks and really they sound good and everything it bumping and it's straight. Than I use my MIDI keyboard to create melodies Their also raw and really cool, I got a whole bunch of software synthesizers that I use with my Acid pro. But now when I want to make a song a play the drum track and the melody at once like all music these days is it just doesn't sound right. I'm really confused and don't know what to do my drums are banging my melody is cool but its just sounds out of sync when put together and its just not right. Does anyone know what the problem is and have any suggestions or ideas I should investigate.

  • The MPC 2000XL is a USB flash drive that looks like an MPC:
    Introducing the worlds first USB flash memory drive shaped like the Akai MPC 2000XL, one of Hip Hop’s most classic drum machines / samplers. This is the long time favorite Sampler of producers such as Dr. Dre, Pete Rock, Just Blaze, Lil Jon and more! Akai’s powerhouse drum machine has been immortalized as a 4 GB USB flash memory drive. Every nuance of the Akai MPC 2000XL has been captured in extreme detail! These unique devices are perfect for Hip-Hop beat makers, producers, and enthusiast on the go. This is the only portable data storage solution that screams “Hip Hop”.
    A SP1200 version is also available.
    They sell for $39.95 plus shipping and handling, about twice what a standard 4gb flash drive costs. Screaming “hip hop” ain’t cheap, you know.

  • Published on Mar 16, 2015 Sun's May Flower (Official)

    "Bass - Roland Jupiter 6
    1st Lead - Roland Jx 3p
    2nd Lead - Roland JX 10
    Arp Synth - Roland Juno 60
    Strings - Solina String Ensemble
    Drones + Efx - Korg Ms 20
    Vox Pad - Akai s1000 (Fairlight CMI Library)
    Drums - Roland TR 707
    Drums add - Roland TR626
    Drums add - Akai S900


    Reverb - Fostex 3180 Spring Reverb Unit
    Reverb - Lexicon

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