285e Frequency Shifter Balanced Modulator - Examples 01

Published on Jan 7, 2018 djangosfire

"Starting up a casual series of Buchla 200e module videos, that feature examples of possible use and sound!

Today I am featuring the Frequency Shifter section of the Buchla 285e.

Basic patch setup:

- StudioH 'Dual Programmable Oscillator' as the audio source
- Buchla 266e, 281e & StudioH 254e as CV sources
- Audio is captured from the Buchla 206e Six

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  • Published on Jan 25, 2013 dkimcg·143 videos

    "Buchla 285e frequency shifter/balanced modulator featured in a simple patch. Audio generated by 261e into both sections of the 285e and out through the 227e audio interface. One channel of the 281e used to modulate the timbre CV and frequency CV (on the shifter section) and some of the waveshaper inputs on the 261e about 2/3 in."

  • via this auction"This is a Buchla 285e Frequency Shifter / Balanced modulator module for the 200e system. It sounds amazing, its the best balanced modulator (ring modulator type of effect) and frequency shifter I have heard. Its one module that really exceeds the old 200 version in terms of sound and functionality. The built in sine tone oscillators are super smooth and bleed through is

  • via this auction

    "Buchla Frequncy Shifter / Balanced Modulator Model 285e
    perfect condition, v30 firmware"

    via Buchla

    "The top section of the dual-function 285e performs frequency shifting; up and down outputs are simultaneously available. The reference frequency can be externally applied or internally generated; the latter can be voltage-controlled and modulated using FM.

    The bottom

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