ACID on Novation Circuit & Volca Bass

Published on Sep 24, 2016 RemixSample

"Sequencing undistorted acid on the Korg Volca Bass with Novation Circuit.
One 0:00 Two 5:55 Three 8:25

The Volca Bass would sound way better with some distortion but this will do for now. Being able to play around with the sequence length on the Circuit turned out to be really useful. Especially when you drag out a 1 bar

back to the 80s with analog filters and vca

Published on Sep 24, 2016 sven braun

"using zmors modular synth for ipad (zmors+ruismaker) with a
small eurorack (es-8, a105, dtech vcf, veils)"

iTunes: zMors Modular - mobile only

Frostwave Resonator 2000's Blue

Published on Sep 19, 2016 Ryan Kelly

"A quick video of the self-oscillating feature of the Frostwave Resonator, a clone of the Korg MS20 filter."

via this auction

"The Frostwave Resonator...a veritable clone of the filter from the classic Korg MS20... This baby definitely has some bite. It's a welcome addition to any music studio or live rig."

Vintage Simmons Drums SDS1000 Analog/Digital Drum Synthesizer SN 01753

via this auction

"Vintage Simmons Drums SDS1000 Drum Synthesizer. Refurbished. Good condition. Nomenclature is mostly legible. Works beautifully!!! Has Analog Bass drum, Digital Snare, and 3 x Synthesized Analog Toms providing that classic Simmons Sound. Toms have a second skin feature. Adds a cool second tone to toms. All inputs and outputs have been cleaned and checked. All buttons and

Roland JD-800 Programmable Synthesizer SN ZC78108

via this auction

"The person I bought this from said that he bought it new, played it a few times, then put it in storage. When he took it out of storage it was infected with the red glue problem.

I bought the synth and refurbished the keys. It now plays wonderfully with no clicking or sticking keys.

I can't prove the story, but there are some indications it has been lightly used. For

DL - Dark Techno Live Set 2016 #28 (OT, A4, TR8, TB3)

Published on Sep 24, 2016 DL Live

"Techno Live Set using Elektron Octatrack, Analog Four, Roland TR-8, TB-3 and TM-2."

Adventures in Synthesis: Spring Reverb Feedback, Sequential Switch, and Wild Modulations

Published on Sep 24, 2016 Chris Beckstrom

"The other day I was experimenting with a sequential switch, using it to cycle through various waveforms coming from a single oscillator. It's a bit like the classic dubstep wobble bass, where the divisions of the wobbling change every bit. Of course since this is a modular synth, things can- and do- get much crazier.

Patch Notes

There are three four

Quiet Saturdays - Episode 44

Published on Sep 24, 2016 Alba Ecstasy

"Have a great weekend, my friends!

Using: Roland JP-8000, Korg Radias, Novation Circuit, Virus Ti2."

Treat Yourself :)